Customer Feedback – Your views matter; add your comments here

Customer Feedback Smiley FaceCustomer Feedback is an important resource for any company. We consider it to be a vital element in helping to shape our customer journey.  Above all, CEAG commits to offering the best possible experience for everyone who does business with us.

CEAG customers come from many different industries, operating in a variety of sectors and in many different countries.  Our service delivery is designed to be provided to the same high standard; no matter who or where we are selling to.  Therefore, the aims of our customer journey are simple; easy and seamless.

We operate a consistent programme of internal quality assessment, where we examine our products and the service we provide.  This is to ensure we are operating to the highest possible standards; aiming to exceed the expectations of anyone who chooses to do business with us. It’s very important for us to meet and exceed the expectations of everyone who does business with us and this is what we aim to do.

As part of our process of self-assessment, we have created an online customer satisfaction survey.  It takes just a few clicks and around one minute of your time.  If you are a CEAG customer, we are very pleased to have you on board and would be grateful if you would give us your feedback by following this link:

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your lighting requirements, our products and services information can be found here. In addition, our sales and customer service team are on hand to answer queries and deal with any requests you may have.  Please call on +44 1226 206842 or email us on

Thanks for helping us to make sure our service continues to be world class!