CEAG’s proud history began with the manufacture and supply of light bulbs. You will probably recognise our famous LUMAX brand, which continues to be the primary choice of bulb for many of our customers. We now supply lighting components to a huge variety of industries, in more than 20 countries around the world. Working with some of the biggest names in sectors that include the rail, automotive, marine, medical, oil, gas and construction industries. We also provide specialist components to the heritage and classic vehicles market.

For more than 100 years, CEAG has developed technology in lighting and bulbs; manufacturing and supplying lighting solutions that meet the needs of our customers around the world. Our reputation for quality and service is second to none and we pride ourselves on supplying some of the biggest names, in more than 20 countries.

Our team of experienced lighting experts ensure that each bulb is manufactured to the highest standards. Our traditional production methods mean that we can produce bulbs with performance levels that cannot be matched by mass production techniques. We guarantee high quality products that are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards. In addition, all of our LUMAX products go through in-house testing at our factory in Barnsley, as well as external inspection by independent specialists.

From manufacturing mining lamps and traditional incandescent bulbs, to supplying the latest in LED technology; CEAG has been on quite a journey so far. Our lighting experts continue to develop our product range even further, to keep up with the latest developments and trends in the industries we supply.

If you would like more information about our bulbs and lighting components, please email Rachel on sales@ceag.co.uk.