For decades, CEAG was known globally as the leading manufacturer of automotive lighting products and accessories with its Lumax brand. With our many years of experience, we understand the industry and what car manufacturers and drivers need.

Safety for drivers and other road users depends on reliable and effective lighting for vehicles. As technology has developed, this has served to significantly improve both the visibility of vehicles and enhanced vision for drivers, during the hours of darkness.

As more advanced systems are introduced to meet the demands of car manufacturers, even the most basic bulbs have to keep pace. You’ll be glad to know that CEAG can supply everything from the most up to date LED and halogen equipment, along with traditional incandescent bulbs for classic and vintage car lights.

CEAG products are tested to the highest industry standards and you can be sure they won’t let you down.

If you would like to find out more about lighting solutions for the automotive industry, or to speak with one of our expert advisors, please contact us by email on, or via the contact form button below.